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Ultimate Packing Tips for Africa Travelers

Africa is a wide continent with so  many travel destinations usually your packing tips rotates where exactly you are going and the kind of activities to do in respect with how long or short the trip will be. We recommend limiting your adventure travel packing list to only items that you will use regularly and are fairly compact. In general below are the packing tips to guide on what is necessary while traveling to Africa;

1. Travel Documents

After confirming the itinerary, everything is set it’s important you bring together all the required travel document s including visa to the African countries you’re visiting, medical and insurance cards. In most cases you will need to carry your credit cards and a little cash for easy transaction.

2. Back Pack

It’s obvious you need one to carry all our belongings together, much as you would have packed one big suit case but  a small hand back pack is necessary. It will help gather all the necessities together. Let’s say stepping out for swimming, even walk, this will be of great use carrying your gadgets like cameras, sun glasses and swim suits with you.

3. Hiking Shoes or Boots

Comfortable shoes for walking around, you will find most of the times while in Africa you will have distances to walk for adventure let’s say trekking to the top of the mountain, to find mountain gorilla if you are in east Africa, other pair of shoes to pack are trainers and sandals to relax your feet after a long day in the boots. Endeavor to pack at least 2 0r pairs of shoes for comfort and depending on the days of stay.

4. Light Clothing

Most African countries have hot weather, therefore you will need right clothing for example pair of khaki trousers, shorts, long sleeved shirts, vests and others, for ladies Africans are conservative and reserved, you will need knee length skirts, scarves, for respect of peoples culture and society depending which African country. However there is need to pack rain coats and gears, some time weather is un predictable and it can shower any time.

5. Gadgets

To keep update and track of your safari you need your camera and a pair of binoculars to spot the furthest interesting features. Adaptors and chargers, accessories like power chargers, head seats, selfie stick, tripod stands can spice up your safari and not feel left out. Spare batteries, Cell phone with a local plan to connect with family and friends back home. Most camps may not have Wi-Fi, but will have a cell phone connection.

6. Sanitary Ware

There are lots of toiletries to remember to bring with you on your trip. Some items you may be able to find wherever you’re traveling.Pack your favorites in advance and use this section of the travel packing checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten any of the essentials e.g. tooth paste, brush, combs and sun screens, and wet wipes.

7. First Aid Kit

Much as every lodge and camp site give basic first aid and almost every safari vehicle has a first aid kit, it is also important if you pack some of the essential emergency medication and supplies like hand sanitizer, histamine for sting and bites, Aspirin and paracetamol among others.

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