Extravagance of Mauritius

Mauritius is a fascinating island, famous for its sandy white pristine beaches. This tropical luxury island, stupendous destination, famed for its pleasant climate, hospitable and friendly residents and long list of things that you can do. Regarded as one of the best of places for wedding and honeymoon, Mauritius has its own charm.

On my very first day at Mauritius, I just fell in love with the island for its cleanliness and pristine beaches. The morning jog at the beach was superb, after which we rested in chair lounge. After swimming and sun bathing, we had breakfast. Hotel had planned a complimentary tour for us. We went to Port Louis, Mauritius capital. Such impression it made on us, backdrop of the lush mountains, ahead lays the magnum of Indian Ocean. We had savoury snacks at Bombay Sweets Mart. After which we went to Pere Laval’s Shrine which is Pilgrim’s place for all Mauritians. The church was so beautiful.

Domaine Les Pailes was another destination that we went. We choose to tour the place on horse carriage. That itself was so romantic. Initially as sugar estate, now has been turned into a theme park which is a cultural and a heritage centre. We saw a traditional ox-driven sugar’s mill, a distillery of making of rum, a spice garden, children’s playground and there was this quad-biking circuit for fun. There were many upmarket restaurants.

From far off we saw the very famous Champ de Mars racecourse of the Mauritius. Heading to Central Market we saw the locals there. Selling there were authentic food of Mauritius, fruits and vegetables, which we bought to taste. And yummy, juicy and delicious they were. Also we bought many souvenirs from there. We bought Malagasy handicrafts of Dodo bird replicas, wood crafted work, and Mauritius theme inspired t-shirts. We got things cheap here, then that of big branded shops. But definitely we had to bargain hard.

After that we head back to hotel, so that we could rest. There after we decided to have fun at Grand Baie a cosmopolitan part of Mauritius, definitely a classy town, famous for its resorts and nightlife. Though its quoted as bad at times but the place is definitely popular. Grand Baie has quality food to offer, varieties in shopping and more. Buddha Club is the most happening nightspot in Grand Baie and we heard good reviews about this people from lots of people in hotel, and from people in town. And did we enjoy? Yes we enjoyed so much there. Dress code is smart casual dress. And man, there were so many cool looking people out there. Crowd was so awesome. And drinks they serve was good too. And we were in luck as we went on Friday, its said the place simply sizzles on Friday and Saturday nights. Buddha Club has three dance floor and feet stepping music going on. We danced so much that next day my feet were sore. But most important we both loved it.

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