5 Best Cars for Family Travels in Rwanda

Planning a family trip in Rwanda but you are not sure of which cars to hire? Whether you are looking for a 4×4 car hire in Rwanda or a mass transportation vehicle, here are some of the best choices for family travel. Get on a family road trip in Rwanda in a comfortable way in one of our luxurious family size car rentals.

Safari Land Cruiser

Our fleet of safari Land Cruisers range from hard top to extended type, VX and V8. They are all ideal for family vacations in Rwanda especially if you plan for wildlife safari to Akagera National Park. They take from 5 to 8 people and perfect for outdoor camping tours in any part of Rwanda. Our luxurious Safari Land Cruisers consist of a pop up roof making them the best for game viewing. They also come with a mini fridge and air conditioners.

Toyota Prado

We have wide range of Toyota Prado car rentals for family trips in Rwanda ranging from TX, TZ and GX type. They have capacity of 6 seats with features such as MP 3, CD, FM radio station, air conditioner and many more. Whether you are planning to embark on a self-drive road trip, wedding, guided tours, conference, family vacation or airport transfers in the peal of Africa, our Toyota Land cruiser Prado will get you to that dream destination and at end of the day, you live within your dream. With pop-up roof/sun roof, you have amazing views while you are on a game drive in Rwanda’s savanna grassland protected areas.

Toyota Super Custom

Our Toyota Super Custom car rentals are the best 4wheel drive and they accommodate about 7 people. They are perfect for safaris the fact that it also features a pop-up/sun roof which is ideal for game drive. They also comprise of air conditioners front and rear as well as a luxurious boot which accommodates all that you plan to use while on your safari. They are the best for you to navigate through the remote areas where Rwanda’s attractions are located.

Toyota Rav4

The Toyota Rav4 equally comes in 4wheel and 4 doors accommodating about 2-4 people. They feature air conditioners and a comprehensive insurance. Our compact Rav4 come with adequate space for you to pack your property and pocket friendly the fact that it doesn’t consume much fuel. They are perfect for family trips, self-drive, conference meetings and others.

Safari minivan

Need to get the best of sightseeing tour in Rwanda? Embark on a family trip in our safari minivans and get your dreams achieved. They take up to nine visitors and feature a pop up roof making it a perfect choice for wildlife viewing experiences. It also features air conditioners, comfortable seats and adequate room for your cargo.

Coaster minibus

Planning a wedding, introductions or company getaway and you do not have any idea of how your people can get to reception or church? Our spacious Coaster minibuses are worth hiring. They accommodate between 25 and 35 people.

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