Africa Safaris

African safaris are divided into numerous categories. These are the family safaris, honeymoon safaris, walking safaris and photographic safaris. Tourists even have a choice of renting a vehicle and going on a safari by themselves. Safari trips also include other forms of entertainment like a trip to the beach, mountain climbing and sports like golf.

To attract a large number of people, there is fierce competition amongst safari organizers to offer the best possible deals and prices. There are two kinds of packages provided. For some countries, the organizers just arrange for the safari while the tourist plans the rest of his trip himself. If your budget is small, it is recommended that you choose the first category. If you have more to spend, though, there are packages offered that take care of everything from the airport to any hotels, as well as the safari itself, of course. The rates for the latter category are higher, though.

A 2-week holiday to South Africa or Botswana could cost anything from $2500 to $5000, whereas a trip to Tanzania and Kenya could cost around $3800. There are attractive bargains offered to the tourists that include the air fare as well. A 4-5 day vacation to Kenya (inclusive of air fare) could cost as much as $1600 or more. The rates mentioned above are applicable per person. Special discount packages are available in the off seasons. There are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from and can be chosen as per the tourist’s requirement. In some countries, the rates may be different for different sites even if the duration of the trip remains the same. The rates would of course be higher for a trip of a longer duration. The visa charges for African countries are not very high. Some even provide visa on entry at their respective airports. African safaris are indeed a once in a lifetime affair and a must for those with a passion for adventure.

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